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Gift Dennis teams up with Fuji Maestro Mike Abdul for an Afrobeat fusion titled “Transformation.”

Speaking about the new single, Gift Dennis shared: “Transformation, speaks about God’s ability to transform our lives from nobody to somebody! It reminds us about the faithfulness, wonders, and promises of God for His children all over the world, as shown to us in the book of Isaiah 43:19

There’s a transformation
Cannot keep it to myself
Got to tell the world

Verse 1:
From transition to transformation
the lord has turned my life around
I’m no longer where I used to be
I’ve been transformed from grass to grace
See what the lord has done
He has lifted me from zero to hero
Oh I’ll shout for joy
I will let the people know He is good

Transform Transform (transformation)
See transform (transformation)
Transform Transform (transformation)
See transform (transformation)
Who did it? (is Jesus) (4x)
Jesus e-dey here (e-dey)
Yes, e dey here (e dey)
My Jesus e-dey here (e-dey)
Yes, e dey here (e dey)

Verse 2:
Right here Right now
Right to the top
Right to destiny
Right away
We don blow We don blow can’t hide it e don show
Dance alert Dance alert Get ready to dance a lot.
If e happen for Your neighbour
then is in Your neighbourhood
Oya bere mo le ko mujo
Kallelujah ma mujo
Let the people know,
Ori re don dey show oh
Ibukun blessing e plenty plenty
And the obe ti jino alafi ade
E don dey show sir oh let the people know sir oh

See as I transform oh (transformation)
See transformation (transformation)
Everything fall in line (transformation)
Everything sweet (transformation)
Who did it? (is Jesus) (4x)
Transform Transform (transformation)
Transformation (transformation)
Transform transform (transformation)
Transformation (transformation)
Who did it? (is Jesus)
Who did it? (is Jesus)
Turn my life around (is Jesus)
Change my story (is Jesus)
Jesus e dey here (e dey)
That’s why I stand gidigba (e dey)
Jesus e dey here (e dey)

Always with me (e dey eeee)

Jesus Name above all names
Is the rock that You can trust
He’s right where You are
From Ojota to America
Favour, blessing, victory
Seek first the kingdom of God
And every other thing You see
Miracle, breakthrough (Owa)
Healing deliverance (Owa)
Salvation freedom (Owa)
New levels, bank alert (Owa)

Jesus dey here (e dey)
Yes, He dey here (e dey)
Breakthrough everywhere (e dey)
Blessings everywhere (e dey)
Signs and wonders (e dey)
New levels (e dey)
I can feel it (e dey)
All around me (e dey)

Goodness and mercy (e dey)
Just dey follow me (e dey)
Everywhere I go (e dey)
Yeah yeah yeah (e dey)
e dey e dey (e dey)
Yeah yeah yeah (e dey)
Oh, oh oh oh

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